(Shameful ‪#‎truth‬ about Naked juice)

We’re heading in the right direction!

Last week, Naked Juice agreed to settle a very important class action lawsuit which accused the company of deceptive labeling.

The primary basis of the lawsuit stemmed from the company’s use of the words “All Natural” on products that contained Archer Daniels Midland’s Fibersol-2 (“a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent”), fructooligosaccharides (an alternative sweetener), other artificial ingredients, such as calcium pantothenate (synthetically produced from formaldehyde), and genetically-modified soy.

Since these ingredients are either genetically-engineered or synthetically produced and do not exist in nature, it is completely misleading to consumers for these juices to claim to be “All Natural.”

As part of the settlement, Naked Juice, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, has agreed to remove the label “All Natural” from all of its juices and to pay a $9 million settlement to the class action group.

Without a question, this is a big, big win for consumers and is a huge step forward for more accurate labeling in the U.S. It also puts other food manufacturers on serious notice that GMOs are anything but natural and cannot be marketed as such.

Food companies being #exposed for who they really are! It’s up to us to spread the word. Most say, “organic is just a gimmick and a way for them to make money” - I think people are now starting to see for themselves that we have been allowing the ourselves to be poisoned.

If only 5 people see this post, it’s worth it because those 5 people will tell their friends/family and it will progressively get to more people.

Help me by spreading awareness about chemically injected food, GMO’s, and about food companies like #Monsanto and how our #FDA allows us to consume poison. Let’s make a change, let’s save the generations to come

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